A Bad Hombre And A Nasty Woman Debate Once Again On "SNL"

"They're ripping babies out of vaginas!"

Last night, Saturday Night Live, of course, gave us the last and final showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon faced off as the dueling nominees, and host Tom Hanks jumped into the fray as Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

And after two other debates, Clinton came to slay.

"In the first debate I set the table. At the second, I fired up the grill, and tonight, I feast."

Everything seemed to start out fine, with Trump even promising to "start this debate in the quietest voice possible."

"Tonight," Trump said, "I'm a sweet little baby Trump."

And then the first question came.

"They're ripping babies out of vaginas!"

Wallace then asked Trump about his immigration stance, a pillar of his presidential campaign.

"She wants open borders and that is crazy," Trump said. "People are just pouring into this country Mexico and they're just very bad hombres."

"Oh, Bingo! I got Bingo!"

But to try to make his point, Trump wanted to emphasize he actually has a great relationship with the president of Mexico.

"I think [his name] was something like Mr. Guacamole. Sorry, Señor Guacamole. I also met his lovely wife, taquito."

But Trump was not the only one to face tough questions.

Wallace turned the tables to ask Clinton about the emails being revealed by Wikileaks.

"Thank you for bringing up my emails. I'm very glad to talk about my emails," Clinton said. Then...

"What was that Carol?"

"And that. Is how. You pivot."

And then it was moment that become a highlight of the real-life debate.

Clinton began talking about entitlements and how she plans to raise Social Security contributions on the very wealthy, including herself and Trump — unless he can get out of it.

"Nasty woman," Trump said.

Time to brand.

After three debates and an exhausting election, Wallace then boils down what the polls are saying.

"You're probably going to lose," he said.

It's rigged, Trump explained. And how is it rigged?

"By taking all the things I say, and all of the things I do, and putting them on TV."

Now to make sure he hit all his talking points...

We're almost to the finish line, America.

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