Harry Potter Yoga Is A Thing And You'll Want To Apparate There Right Away

"We made it a gentle class to make sure it was welcoming for all wizarding levels."

Do you have a sore back from sitting on your broomstick all day? Wish you could get more flexible for Quidditch?

You might need Harry Potter yoga.

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On October 30, in honor of Halloween and Day of the Dead, Circle Brewing Company in Austin, Texas, transformed its weekly beer yoga class (where participants take a yoga class and then have a pint) into a Harry Potter-themed yoga class.

The brewery was turned into Hogs Head Inn for the occasion.

Alexa Gonzalez Wagner

Instructor Isabel Beltran taught a 60-minute class inspired by all things Potterverse.

Alexa Gonzalez Wagner

Beltran, an Austin-based yoga instructor, model, and painter, read from The Deathly Hallows throughout the class to keep with the themes of Halloween, Día De Los Muertos, and Harry Potter.

Beltran and her sister, Ximena N. Larkin, came up with the idea for the class when they were brainstorming ways to boost attendance at Beltran's regular classes.

Their idea was to do something around Halloween that integrated the themes of life and death from Harry Potter, Halloween, and Día De Los Muertos.

"We're Mexican and celebrate the Day of The Dead. It's not morbid, but rather a celebration of life... It felt very natural to combine the three to make it timely," Beltran told BuzzFeed Health via email.

Yoga is all about flow, intentional movement, and meditation. Beltran melded these elements seamlessly with material and ideas from the Potterverse.

Alexa Gonzalez Wagner

For example, the class included sun salutations "to pay homage to the Order of the Phoenix." Tree pose was renamed Whomping Willow (and done while holding a wand). And while doing the cat-cow pose, the class was told to channel Professor McGonnagall's ability to transfigure from one animal to another.

As the class transitioned into Warrior II (aka Reverse Wizard), Beltran told them to imagine their happiest memory as they concentrated on saying "expecto patronum."

"We made it a gentle class to make sure it was welcoming for all wizarding levels," Beltran said.

Alexa Gonzalez Wagner

But the way Beltran ended the class was perhaps the most inspired part of the whole thing.

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During savasana (aka corpse pose; the final pose of the class where practitioners lie peacefully in a resting position absorbing the practice they're just completed), Beltran read "The Tale Of The Three Brothers."

She then ended the class with a reading of and meditation on Dumbledore's speech to Harry from the end of Deathly Hallows, which she also read aloud: “Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love."

The next Harry Potter yoga class is on November 20...but it's already sold out.

The theme will be magical creatures to coincide with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the Potterverse spinoff.

Which is too bad, because Ginny Weasley seemed pretty excited about it.

Oh, and so did Luna Lovegood.

You can check Circle Brewing Company's calendar to see if future Harry Potter yoga classes are in the works.

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