19 Ways To Make 2018 Infinitely Better Than 2017

Please join me in resolving to make 2018 actually great.

Out: Resolutions you force yourself to suffer through in the name of ~self-improvement.~

In: Taking up some new habits, actions, and behaviors because you'll enjoy them AND they'll enrich your life.

Here are a few ideas for making 2018 really damn great without requiring you to take up habits or routines that will feel like a chore.

1. Schedule mental health days in advance.

2. Get involved with a fandom.

3. Post love notes to yourself on your mirror.

4. Master one incredible party dish.

5. Listen to podcasts created by queer people, POC, and other people whose voices don't get as much airtime in most media.

6. Work on your "happy list."

7. Use "do not disturb" more.

8. Change your voicemail greeting to "please text me instead."

9. Start saying yes...to not making plans you'd rather not have in the first place.

10. Try doing some stuff alone and see how you like it.

11. And try sharing things you usually do solo with a friend.

12. Identify three go-to looks that make you feel amazing.

13. Master a crock pot meal.

14. Set up a monthly $10 donation to a cause you care about.

15. Learn how to make vegetables actually taste amazing.

16. Get really into a topic.

17. Choose a book-to-screen adaptation and read the book and then watch the movie.

18. Learn to tell an amazing joke.

19. Create a simple but powerful motto for the year.

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