Activists Are Outing Hundreds Of Twitter Users Believed To Be 4chan Trolls Posing As Feminists

It looks like Twitter's social justice community is cleaning house in a big way at the moment.

Over the weekend, the hashtag #EndFathersDay was revealed to have been orchestrated by 4chan users posing as female social justice activists on Twitter.

As more details emerged, it became more clear that #EndFathersDay was actually part of a larger project called "Operation: Lollipop."

Operation: Lollipop is a propaganda campaign run largely by members of the Men's Rights and Pick-Up Artist communities. The idea is to pose as women of color on Twitter and guide activist hashtags as a way to embarrass the online social justice community.

According to one now-deleted Tumblr, this appears to have been going on since at least 2013.

"NayNay Thompson" is listed as possibly one of the original Operation: Lollipop accounts. The blog describes something called "Privilege Wars," basically, the idea of using fake accounts to make activists turn against each other.

BuzzFeed reached out to NayNay Thompson for comment. Someone saying they were the owner of the account replied via email.

"What are your questions for me," the alleged owner of the NayNay Thompson account wrote. "I'd like my story told, but I'd like it characterized in the best light possible. How do you feel about what happened?"

As of Tuesday morning, Thompson has not responded to requests for a phone or Skype interview.

Users have also begun outing possible fake accounts and collecting them in storifys.

User @Sassycrass has put together a list of tactics used by the fake accounts and is using the hashtag #YourSlipIsShowing as way for activists to organize their blocking efforts.


Almost. Except it's a 101 SJ Activism statement, couched in 401 SJ Activism language. #YourSlipIsShowing

On Monday, a second user, @so_treu began adding more names to #YourSlipIsShowing.

More well-known members of Twitter's social justice community believe that they've identified over 200 trolls pretending to be women of color on Twitter.

#YourSlipIsShowing, @SpongyPissFlap.

#YourSlipIsShowing, @AndreaDworcat.

But #YourSlipIsShowing RT @NayNayCantStop I'm literally being attacked solely bc I'm a WoC.

One of the accounts listed as a possible troll on #YourSlipIsShowing is using a picture of BuzzFeed writer Heben Nigatu. Though, as with much of what's happening, it's unclear how connected the fake accounts are to each other.

NayNay Thompson began lashing out at author and journalist Laurie Penny Tuesday morning, as well.

@PennyRed Do you realize the scandal there's going to be when I release the DMs we had? Do you remember what you were supporting?

.@NayNayCantStop I don't think there's going to be a scandal, much as you'd like there to be one. My followers know I'm in good faith.

@PennyRed Okay...good luck with that. I just want to have a conversation with you.

Sudden moment of existential dread, wondering if I am myself a 4chan creation. But no, this is too strange for fiction.

On Monday, 4chan users came up with a new plan to pose as feminists of different races and begin arguing that certain races were "white enough to benefit from white privilege." They called the plan "divide and conquer."

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