YouPorn Offers Resigned Miss Delaware $250,000 To Become Miss YouPorn

Following Melissa King's possible sex tape leaking onto a popular porn site, has reached out to the pageant queen to become their new spokesperson.

Melissa King, who was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA in November, has resigned her crown amid allegations she appeared in a pornographic video.

King said in an interview she knew of the video, but was not the girl in it.

A still from the video in question, in which a woman bearing a striking resemblance to King performs explicit sex acts.

Interestingly, on Thursday, YouPorn's Braden Burns reached out to the pageant queen and asked her to be "Miss YouPorn."

A transcript of YouPorn's offer:

Dear Miss King,
We are deeply saddened to hear that you resigned your crown of Miss Delaware Teen USA due to the recent reports of you having shot a hardcore sex scene on an adult website. As you now know, there is nothing more popular than a story involving ex beauty pageant contestants doing porn! While your peers and the Pageant officials may not like the publicity this is generating for them, we absolutely see a real opportunity for us to work together!

My name is Brandon Burns and I am the Marketing Director for We are the largest adult site on the internet and one of the top websites in the world averaging over 15 million visitors a day. While you may have surrendered your tiara for Miss Teen USA, we'd like to keep that pretty head of yours topped with ours, and name you Miss Youporn ! We'd like to offer you a compensation package of over $250,000 this year to go across the world and promote our site. We believe your incredible beauty and personality coupled with our internet traffic is a "win win" for both of us.

We believe this story will only catapult your career and could really expose you to an
entirely different audience. Many famous directors and producers frequent our site
daily, we know this due to the emails we receive from them. I am sure through your
travels with us as Miss Youporn, you will meet a lot of incredible people and see the
world. We'd love to sit down with you and your representatives at your earliest
convenience. Please email me at

Braden Burns

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