A Young Woman Allegedly Killed Her Husband And His Whole Family To Escape An Arranged Marriage

Officials say the 20-year-old from Pakistan poisoned a container of milk that was then served to the husband's family. As of Tuesday, 16 people have died and another 11 are still hospitalized.

A 20-year-old woman named Aasia Bibi allegedly poisoned a container of milk, hoping to kill her husband and escape her arranged marriage.

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According to local authorities, Bibi starting formulating how to poison her husband after she was forced by her family into an arranged marriage in September.

Bibi, who lived in Muzaffargarh, in southwest Pakistan, had recently attempted to return to her parents, but was forced to go back to her husband's house.

Bibi poisoned a container of milk, hoping only Amjad, her husband, would drink it, according to local officials. Only he didn't — the milk was used to make lassi, a yogurt-based drink popular in South Asian countries, which was then served to Amjad's family.

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As of Wednesday, the death toll has risen to 16, including a minor. Another 11 are still under medical supervision.

District Police Officer Awais Ahmad Malik said the kind of poison used would only be clear after chemical tests on the victims.

A senior police official said that Bibi has been charged with murder, and her lover Shahid and his aunt Zarina Mai were also arrested. All three arrested have been charged under anti-terror law, which according to Malik, is "to deter the local people from committing such crimes."

Bibi denied all allegations in a press conference, saying that she was asked to poison the milk, but didn't.

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"Shahid told me to poison the beverage but I didn’t do it," she said. "He [Shahid] asked me to marry him but I refused."

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Bibi's story went viral in the West this week after it was picked up on Twitter.

Pakistani girl poisons 18 people to death for forcing her to marry someone. She's remorseless, says it's her right… https://t.co/9IrebOFIcD

The reactions have been complicated to say the least.

Arranged marriages aren't uncommon in Pakistan and are usually organized by family members.

Last month, a couple who had been living in an arranged marriage for four months died only a few hours from where Bibi lived. Parents of the 23-year-old groom believe the 21-year-old bride poisoned their food.