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What It Feels Like When Your Favorite Site Goes Down (Presented By GIFs)

Tumblr's been down all day and there's nothing more frustrating when you keep hitting refresh and nothing happens...

Posted on October 26, 2012, at 12:50 p.m. ET

You're at work and you click your favorite site to see what's going on.

And this is what you see.

And this is how you feel.

And you wonder how you're going to procrastinate on the internet without it.


You might have to actually work.

You're frustrated because you keep refreshing the page.

But the website is still down...

You just keep angrily hitting refresh.


You've got a meeting in 15 minutes and all you wanted to do was dick around on your favorite website.

But that error page just keeps coming up, mocking you.

Now the meeting's in 5 minutes and at this point you don't even care what's going on but you'll be damned if the website's 404 page wins!

You hit refresh and the page starts to load, slowly, but it's definitely loading.

It's back up! The page loaded! Take that 404 page! You won!