The Unluckiest Man In The World Set His College On Fire With A Fireworks Marriage Proposal

Aw, jeez.

This article includes material provided by the CEN/Europics news agency (distributed via Newscom). We have been unable to verify its accuracy independently, for reasons explained here.

Dim Xiong Chien is a 22-year-old college student studying at the Liaoning Advertisement Vocational College in the city of Shenyang in northeastern China.

According to reports, earlier this week Chien organized a surprise proposal with fireworks for his girlfriend Cong Yen, but she never showed up. So he decided to set them off anyway, hoping she'd see the huge display.

The whole plan literally went up in flames when the fireworks lit the grass on fire. Firefighters were called in to put out the 10-foot-tall flames.

The school is currently debating how to punish Chien, but they told local reporters that luckily they were insured. Chien eventually did propose to Yen, though this time without a pyrotechnics display.

The story was originally reported by state-run newspaper Shenyang Evening News and then made its way — unfortunately for Chien — to Chinese social media site Weibo.

“Of course, I love him," Yen told local reporters. "But my parents have told me to steer clear, saying he can’t even ask me to marry him without causing a massive hoo-ha."