This Woman Says That She Is Too Beautiful To Work

She says her beautiful appearance has made her the subject of harassment and jealousy in the workplace.

This is Laura Fernee, she quit her job three years ago because other women were jealous of her beauty.

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She's from the Notting Hill area of London and she used to be a scientific researcher until her beauty made working impossible.

The 33-year-old has a PhD, but has been unemployed for the last two years because her male colleagues were constantly hitting on her and her female coworkers were jealous of her.

She told This Morning that her appearance made working in an academic environment traumatic psychologically.

Fernee said of her experiences working in the academic world:

"And in the end, as much as I loved my work, going in to work became very, very difficult because of the psychological impact on me... I would have thought the same but not only in one academic environment, in several academic environments I underwent the same treatment. A lot of women I know had to deal with that as well."

After quitting her £30,000-a-year job ($45,000), she is currently living off her parents' income, who pay for all of her living expenses. She does, though, plan on writing a book about her experiences to hopefully help other women that feel like they are too pretty to work comfortably.

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