Two Teens Started Putting Pens In Their Hair And Things Spiraled Completely Out Of Control

This whole thing is a mess.

Over the weekend, Lauryn, a 16-year-old from England, tweeted out that instead of studying, she was going to figure out how many pens she could hold with her head.

At first, Lauryn settled on seven pens.

That is until her friend Rebzy, a 16-year-old from Scotland, fired back that she was able to fit 14 pens in her head.

And that's when things spiraled out of control.

Lauryn and Rebzy told BuzzFeed News that they've been Twitter friends for about a month or so.

The insanely epic Twitter thread has since gone massively viral. "It started blowing up when we realized even non-English people were tweeting about it," Rebzy said.

"I didn't even think it was that funny," Lauryn said.

"We never intended for it to be entertaining, we're just two stubborn people that can't let down a challenge," Rebzy said.

It seriously just keeps going on like this.

The Twitter thread eventually got the attention of parody accounts like @Dory, who collected screenshots and shared them with its 1.42 million followers. At that point, the girls were hoping members of their favorite band, Twenty One Pilots, might see it.

Which is exactly what happened. Tyler Joseph, one half of Twenty One Pilots liked @Dory's post.

"Our friends began joking about it getting on the @Dory account but then it actually happened, and I started joking about Tyler [Joseph] and Josh [Dun] seeing it and then they did," Lauryn said.

So, the question is, of course, who won the pen war?

In the end, it looked like Lauryn was going to win with 179 pens and three rulers, but unfortunately, she was outdone.

Rebzy's final pen count was a whopping 242 pens.

And here are two larger photos of the masterpiece.

Just in case you feel like trying to beat the record.

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