This Seventh-Grader Made A Meme Go Viral At Her School And It Spun Out Of Control In The Best Way

This is the story of a girl named Max and how she really creeped out her math teacher.

Over the weekend, B.N. Harrison, a writer from Baltimore, Maryland, shared an absolutely amazing story on Twitter.

Apparently, about a month ago, Max, the seventh-grade daughter of Harrison’s roommate, started a meme at her high school that has spun completely out of control in the best way.

The meme is really easy — all you have to do is say “Save $500 on bread this year. Click here.” Seventh-graders are great.

After a month of all the seventh-graders in Max’s school walking around saying “Save $500 on bread this year. Click here,” things finally reached a point where one of Max’s teachers found out about it.

And, of course, he had some questions.

And then something amazing happened.

“My best guess regarding how she came up with the slogan is that her sense of humor has always been abstract in the ‘I grew up on Tumblr’ kind of way,” Harrison told BuzzFeed News.

The best part of the story is no one got in trouble for the weird meme.

Mainly there was just a lot of really great adult confusion for a while.

Harrison’s story about meme genius Max went viral, which made Max decide to post a pic. “She’s deeply amused when I read her comments, I expect her to be a bit gobsmacked when I tell her Neil Gaiman retweeted the story,” Harrison said.

Oh, also, Max designed a T-shirt and it’s great.

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