This Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Actual Twitter Account

His last tweet was on April 17, and he wrote, "I'm a stress free kind of guy."

A high school classmate of Tsarnaev confirms to BuzzFeed that @J_tsar is his Twitter account:

"I would confirm this as to being his Twitter account. Those users went to my high school," said Stefanie Gardner, of the Rindge class of 2011.

Brobible and Gawker's Adrian Chen are pointing to this Google cached version:

His profile picture:

Brobible also writes they've reached out to friends of Dzhokhar, who confirm he went by the nickname "Johar":

I DM'd with one Twitter user who is a student at the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth (UMD) and who spoke a lot today, publicly on Twitter, about his relationship with him. He DM'd me back to say that he considers himself friends with the fellow UMD student. He confirmed that @j_tsar IS Tsarnaev's Twitter account, but he asked that he not be brought into this. At least one point this year the person I DM'd with is RT'ed by @j_tsar, so I don't think he's lying about the relationship.

His last tweet is from April 17, two days after the marathon bombing:

He tweeted this Eminem lyric from "Forgot About Dre" one day after the bombing.

He also tweeted at a Ted the Bear parody account about the Boston Marathon bombing on Tuesday.

On the 15th, the day of the bombing, he tweeted this:

Also on Monday, that night, he tweeted to his followers to "stay safe."

His Twitter activity up until recently, however, was fairly normal.

He has pictures posted of his new cat.

He was also a pretty big car buff.

He was also a pretty big fan of parody accounts and memes.

UPDATE: One of the most unsettling tweets from the account was posted in August.

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