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This Is The Most Epic Meltdown Anyone At Starbucks Has Ever Had At A Customer

The employee is no longer working at Starbucks.

Posted on May 18, 2015, at 6:26 a.m. ET

This video was taken last week at a Starbucks in Queens, New York. It shows a still-unnamed Starbucks shift supervisor screaming at a customer named Ruby Chen.

Facebook: video.php

In the video, you can hear the woman behind the counter screaming at Chen, along with other customers. At one point, the employee tells a customer to "get the fuck out of here."

“Sorry I don’t hear you, but you don’t have to yell,” Chen wrote of the incident on Facebook. It appears as though her account is now deactivated.

Chen wrote that the whole argument started when she ordered a Frappuccino with a cookie straw. She said she didn't hear a different employee ask for her name as she opened her Starbucks app to pay. Then the argument started.

A spokesperson for Starbucks told PIX 11 that the shift manager in the video no longer works for Starbucks.

The customer's experience is not reflective of the service our baristas provide.

The employee was immediately suspended and no longer works for Starbucks.

Our leadership team has reached out to the customer to make things right.

This experience is not what we want our customers to have in our stores.

We worked to quickly resolve this.