This Teenager Figured Out The Best Way To Decide Whether Or Not She Should Study For Finals

This seems like a perfect plan.

This video was tweeted by an 18-year-old French student named Maïrita from Paris. She's currently studying for the baccalauréat, or le bac — the huge test all French high school students have to take before graduating.

"I'm so not going to own up to that."

So, faced with the awful prospect of studying, Maïrita decided to make a maze out of a bunch of her books.

At the end of the maze, she placed two cards, one that read "I study for the bac" and another that basically said the French of equivalent of "I'm just going to wing it."


Go, René, go! The future of Maïrita's academic career depends on you!

In the end René ended up picking the "just wing it" exit, sadly. But Maïrita's video has been retweeted thousands of times, which is a plus.

"I wanted to do an experiment with my hamster and take the bac not so seriously, also. I feel like people think it’s such a important thing for their future, they are way overstressed," she told BuzzFeed France.

Most people loved the video.

Although there were a few that those she was wasting precious studying time.

For the record, Maïrita said building of the maze and recording the video only took, like, 10 minutes and she said she and her hamster plan to get a full day of studying done tomorrow.

This post originally appeared on BuzzFeed France.

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