This Guy's Plane Crash Selfie Is Incredible And Also Super Terrifying

Don't worry, he's OK!

Last month, Ferdinand Puentes was riding in a Makani Kai Air Cessna off the coast of Hawaii when the engine quit. When they hit the water, the passengers escaped from the plane and Puentes took out his GoPro camera.

Puentes told local reporters that he was terrified through the whole ordeal. He stayed afloat on an extra seat cushion.

Puentes also managed to grab incredible footage of the whole crash.

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In the video you can see water rushing up through the plane and then the passengers escaping into the water.

One passenger died in the crash, Hawaii's Health Director Loretta Fuddy. The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating what caused the plane to lose power.

AP Photo/Josh Lang

Puentes told reporters that he recently flew in a plane to fight a fear of flying he developed after the crash.