This Guy Traded Pants With His Friend So She Could Take A Quiz And It Was Hilarious

Andrew Nguyen is the definition of a Good Friend.

This photo was posted by 18-year-old Andrew Nguyen. He’s from Arlington, Texas, and goes to the University of Texas at Arlington. His friend Diana Le traded pants with him so she could go to class.

Which meant he was left chilling in the bathroom in her short shorts while she took her quiz.

Le wasn't able to wear her shorts during the quiz due to safety concerns, Nguyen said.

“Basically, we were in the library and she was studying really hard for this exam and I was just doing my other homework,” he said.

Then right before she left, Le started panicking because she realized she didn’t have pants for the lab. Nguyen said they asked everyone on the floor if they had extra pants, but no one did.

“A lot of the labs have dress code for safety conduct, which is understandable to an extent,” he said. “They literally make you wear pants and closed-toe shoes to even get in the class.”

So they traded, Le took his pants, and Nguyen just sat on the toilet in her short shorts until she got out.

The tweet has gone super viral. It’s currently been retweeted almost 75,000 times. Nguyen can't believe his story about wearing Le's shorts has spread so far

Which most people praising him for being the ultimate best friend.

“I thought if I'm doing a good deed for my friend I may as well get a few laughs out of it and than bam, it blew up,” Nguyen said.

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