This Woman Has Been Re-Creating The Amazing Selfies Of The Guy Who Ended Up With Her Lost iPhone

Two people connected by selfies and a weird iPhone syncing glitch.

Danielle Bruckman (on the right) lost her iPhone last New Year's Eve. She's not sure if it was stolen or what happened, but it ended up in the hands of the guy with the excellent mustache on the left.

He didn't turn off the cloud sync and now Danielle gets copies of all of his photos.

He somehow grew on me and I actually enjoy getting his updates and see it as a window to peer into his daily life. In a way, it's a selfie diary of sorts and now I can paint a more full picture of this man's life. As of now I have over 250+ photos (almost all are selfies), many of his contacts, I know where he works, and that he went on diet this year ( props buddy, from the selfies we know he totally lost weight).

So she started a blog where she re-creates a handful of the selfies he's taken.

She says the whole experience has really proved for her how creepy technology can be.

She also admits that she's not sure what's creepier, the guy taking the selfies, the fact she can see his selfies, or the fact she's re-creating them on a blog.

One thing, though, is clear, which is that Danielle says her mystery iPhone friend is much better at taking selfies than James Franco.

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