10 Things You Might Not Know About America's First Muslim Fraternity

They're basically a normal frat, minus the partying, of course.

1. University of Texas-Dallas' Alpha Lambda Mu—or Alif Laam Meem—started with an inaugural 17 members in February and are having their first rush week this month.

2. The founding members told The Independent that the idea started as a joke, but developed into a full-fledged frat that hopes to that modern Muslim college students could have an organic college experience.

3. ALM members don't drink or party, instead focusing on service and community building.

4. They do normal frat guy stuff, like make goofy YouTube videos. This one staring NFL player Husain Abdullah.

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5. Normal frat guy stuff like punch each other in the balls.

6. Or shove each other's heads in cake at Sonic to celebrate an alumni getting into med school.

7. They're politically and socially minded, marching in a Men's Rally Against Domestic Violence the spring.

8. Not all young Muslims are excited about the idea of a Muslim fraternity, a post on Tumblr has been circulating attacking the exclusionary frat culture that ALM are based in.

9. ALM is opening chapters at four other college campuses this fall, including Cornell University.

10. ALM says they're not perfect Muslims, just Muslim American college kids looking for people who have the same values, with rush open to any UT Dallas students, regardless of sexual orientation.