These Three Far-Right YouTubers Were Denied Entry To The United Kingdom For Being "Not Conducive To The Public Good"

"Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Last week, far-right internet personalities Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone announced that they were planning to come to London deliver a speech.

NEW: London Speech Cancelled Due To Security Risk, But We're Still Going. Join Us!

Sellner, originally from Austria, is the leader of a pan-European far-right group called Generation Identity. Pettibone, Sellner's girlfriend, is a YouTuber from the US.

Sellner made headlines last summer when his group took a small boat out into the Mediterranean Sea and proceeded to shoot flares at a ship called the Aquarius, a 250-foot-long vessel operated by a charity called SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors Without Borders).

The group was briefly detained by Italian police after the stunt, which was meant to push a conspiracy theory that nongovernmental organizations like MSF aren’t actually saving refugees at sea, but are part of an illegal human trafficking operation.

Sellner, Pettibone, and a Canadian YouTuber named Lauren Southern spent several weeks in Catania, Italy, attempting to disrupt ships trying to rescue refugees lost at sea. The whole episode ended with Sellner's boat being stranded in the water, unable to find a port that would take it. The group had to be rescued by one of the NGOs they were trying to impede.

Anti-fascist counterprotesters announced on social media that they would attempt to disrupt Sellner's speech. "Do not let the far-right weaponize free speech as an excuse to spread hate," one Facebook event page read.

The event on Sunday didn't go as planned, however. Sellner and Pettibone were detained at Luton Airport on Friday and were then denied entry into the UK. Both were removed from the country on Sunday.

Conservative @BrittPettibone & Martin Sellner have been detained ILLEGALLY at the airport in the UK They are to be deported and banned from the UK. One of the reason is because she was going to interview Tommy Robinson. Tyranny is here RETWEET RETWEET

The British chapter of Generation Identity told its Facebook followers that it still intended to gather at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London, on Sunday. "We can't allow either the far-left or the government to silence us," organizers wrote.

About 100 protesters gathered at Speaker's Corner in protest, carrying signs that read "free speech" and showed the word "antifa" crossed out.

.@broderick is live in London, where far-right protesters are holding a "free speech" rally.

And on Sunday morning, Pettibone and Sellner arrived in Austria, greeted with banners held by members of Generation Identity.

Oida dass ihr ein Banner gemalt habt. Bin ganz gerührt. ;) Danke!! @Identitaere_B

Sellner and Pettibone's denial of entry to the UK was picked up by influencers within the far-right, including Tommy Robinson, former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League and former correspondent for The Rebel Media, a far-right Canadian website.

BREAKING: @BrittPettibone & @Martin_Sellner have arrived safe in Vienna after being detained for 3 days in a UK detention centre. Full interview to follow on

In an interview that Robinson put on his YouTube channel, Sellner told him that he and Pettibone were detained by UK immigration authorities for three days.

I sat down with @BrittPettibone and @Martin_Sellner for their first interview after their release from a UK detention centre to talk about their ordeal and the political persecution of conservatives. WATCH:

Sellner on Monday told BuzzFeed News that he believes he and Pettibone were denied entry due to the expectation of violence from counterprotesters.

"The main reason was that [I am a] member of Generation Identity and that antifa [were] threatening to attack," he said.

On Monday morning, Lauren Southern, one of the activists Sellner and Pettibone worked with in Italy last summer, tweeted this photo taken in the back of a police car in Coquelles, France, at the British border.

Investigated me under schedule 7 (terrorism act) because of alleged racism. At least they let me identify as Pakistani on my report lol. Still being held by police.

Pettibone then tweeted these texts from Southern saying that she was being detained.

UPDATE: Looks like the border police aren’t allowing @Lauren_Southern to enter the U.K. by bus. Does this mean conservatives are no longer welcome in the U.K.?

Robinson, once again, got involved and tweeted this photo he claimed showed where Southern was being held.

So @Lauren_Southern has been arrested & detained . She is currently in a detention facility in Calais under police control. We allow Isis fighter & radical Islamic preachers into our country yet we are detaining American & now Canadian female journalists who report the truth

Several hours later, Southern tweeted that she was "officially banned from the UK for 'racism.'"

They just locked me out and said "au revoir"... Officially banned from UK for "racism".. doing fine though, all the cool people are being banned anyway 😉 Need to gather my thoughts and call family. Interrogation story is pretty crazy though. Will tell it soon.

Southern told BuzzFeed News that she believes she is permanently barred from entering the UK, although she doesn't think that she was denied entry due to her protests in Italy last year.

"It's because I called Allah gay on my last trip over. No joke," she said. "I'm banned from the UK for racism."

Photos of the letter Southern and Pettibone they claim they received from the UK Home Office were tweeted by Robinson and Katie Hopkins, a former MailOnline columnist and current correspondent for The Rebel Media.

This is unbelievable . The home office arrested & detained a female American journalist for 3 days before deporting her, they gave her paper work claiming I am a far right leader who incites racial hatred. If I incite “racial” hatred then take me to court & try me you liars

BuzzFeed News can confirm that Sellner, Pettibone, and Southern were all detained and not allowed into the UK. "Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good," a Home Office spokesperson said.

Dear @AmberRuddHR - you have detained @Lauren_Southern in Calais and prevented her entering the U.K. She is a Christian Conservative. You have sided with Islamists of Luton. You need to make better decisions ma’am.

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