These Guys Livetweeted The Cops Showing Up To Their Airbnb After The Neighbors Thought They Broke In

They ended up with an awesome selfie though!

Stefan "STEFisDOPE" Grant is a 27-year-old rapper from Washington, D.C., and he’s currently staying in an Airbnb in Decatur, Georgia.

Grant and four other people are all staying in the Airbnb because they’re in town for the A3C Music Festival.

Friday morning, Ryan "Xali" Robinson — one of the performers staying with Grant — was on the back deck of the house putting his set for the festival together.

That's when a cop car pulled up and the officer asked them what they were doing there, Grant told BuzzFeed News.

Part 2. Fur on the bed bruh #Waves

He said the officers told them that they had gotten a call from the neighbors because there had been a string of robberies in the area.

"[The officers] handled it really well,” Grant said. “Considering tensions between African-Americans and law enforcement are at a high, I got to give them respect for that.”

3. Neighbors think we're robbing the place. Cops pull up 😂

Grant said it didn’t just stop with the cops getting called. He snapchatted and posted to Twitter a video of a neighbor opening the door to the house and attempting to enter.

4. Random neighbor just opens the door on us lol 😭

“The owner called us not too long after the incident and was super apologetic and just wanted to make sure we were OK,” Grant said. “She said she notified the neighbors before she left that we'd be there and I believe her.”

Because Grant and his friends live-tweeted the whole incident it’s been getting considerable attention online. He said a lot of people were furious about it and also wanted to make sure he was safe.

Yo! Why did one of the neighbors just straight walk in the crib to "check things out"? 😭😭😭

2 sets of Dekalb County cops pulled up on us but, they were super chill & just doing their job so I don't have any complaints.

The situation wasn't all negative, either, considering Grant and his friends ended up with this amazing selfie.

Yo! The Air B&B we're staying at is so nice, the neighbors thought we were robbing the place & called the cops! 😂

The only thing I regret about the cops coming is that I didn't get them to dab for the selfie 😂

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