There's An Instagram Account Called "Tips For Jesus" Where People Write In Up To $10,000 Tips At Restaurants


Tips For Jesus is a relatively new Instagram account with a pretty simple premise: Photos of absolutely insanely large tips for waitstaff.

According to the South Bend Tribune, the mysterious person or persons behind "Tips For Jesus" dropped a $5,000 tip on a check at a Notre Dame bar last month.

The exorbitant tips have been spotted all over the country in areas like Utah, Chicago, San Francisco and Hollywood.

While the thought behind these absolutely insane tips is nice, it is posing a problem for American Express, which is having difficulty clearing them due to fraud prevention.

According to the staff at Notre Dame's Legends bar, it's been a month and American Express still hasn't determined that the tip was real or not.

"Tips For Jesus" actually responded to the lag with American Express clearing their receipts in the comment section of one of their photos.

An account belonging to a member of Legends' staff commented:

"So I have a question, you guys tipped us $10,000 at Notre Dame when they played USC and they never paid us. We have been trying to figure out what is really going on. They said the tip didn't go through but we are starting to think that's not the case. We know that u guys have done this other places and the people got their money. Is there any way u can help us out?

And Tips For Jesus responded:

"AMEX got paid, you should've got paid. Check with Legends management... sounds like the owners are trying to screw you. Tipsforjesus pays it's tabs!