There's A Secret Lego Vault And I Got To Go In It And It's Totally Wild

No, like, it's actually a secret vault. To get there you literally have to go in a secret door in the wall.

BuzzFeed News recently got a tour of Lego's secret vault in the company's Billund, Denmark headquarters. It has every Lego set the company has made since the 60s in it.

We also got a tour of their factory, which is almost completely run by robots.

Apparently, the robots do not have names. Sad!

These two were my favorites.

We also learned Legos are made of a bunch of clear dust.

With like tiny specs of color in it. It's actually really soothing to put your hands in.

But right, so this secret vault.

You go downstairs and it's literally just rows and rows of Lego sets.

Fun fact: This is what Lego people used to look like!


Oh, and just in case you're wondering, this bad boy is the set that goes for the most on eBay. It's a Millennium Falcon and it's absolutely huge.

You can watch the video to check out the rest of the tour!

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