There's A New "Bernie Or Hillary" Meme, But Is It Just Reinforcing Sexist Stereotypes?

People online asked why the joke has devolved into the female candidate being the one to not know about a particular topic.

Comedian and prankster Jeff Wysaski runs a Tumblr blog called Obvious Plant, where he posts photos of fake flyers and posters. Recently, he hung up these "Bernie or Hillary" flyers around L.A. They quickly went viral on Tumblr.

The meme spread to Twitter, where other users started photoshopping Wysaski's original flyer and giving Bernie and Hillary more things to have opinions on, like Carly Rae Jepsen.

Wow! I had no idea Bernie Sanders was a Carly Rae Jepsen fan!

Or Radiohead.

"an authentic Italian restaurant for the whole family!"

Or Drake.

Apparently, I'm part of the "Bernie or Hillary?" meme now. Oh, Internet!

Or the entire genre of jazz.

This answered my "Hillary or Bernie" question. Bernie answer was perfect. Hillary can kick rocks #FeelTheBern

Many are loving the meme, including Business Insider, which called it hilarious.

I will just say that in the cold, cold Winter run up to the primaries, the Bernie or Hillary? meme is giving me life.

The "Bernie or Hillary" meme is never not my favourite thing.

the meme w bernie vs hillary is my fave meme

However, others are pointing out that the "Bernie or Hillary" meme is actually just using Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to reinforce sexist "fake geek girl" stereotypes.

Sidebar, are those Bernie vs. Hillary memes giving anyone else some annoying Fake Geek Girl meme vibes?

The "fake geek girl" is the claim that a woman is pretending to know about something for the attention of men.

Some noted the meme reinforced "fake geek girl" stereotypes about music.

The Hillary/Bernie music meme makes me remember why I sometimes had a hard time interviewing dudes when I was station manager.

Into Bernie, not into that meme that exploits the stereotype that women (Hillary) know less about music or have lesser taste.

Many are asking why the joke has devolved into the female candidate always being the one to not know anything about a particular topic.

the bernie or hillary issue meme is so gendered i get a sour taste in my mouth whenever i see it it's So Bad

This meme comparing Bernie to Hillary in trivial issues just makes him look like a pretentious asshole.

Wysaski, the original creator of the meme, told BuzzFeed News that his flyers were meant to poke fun at both candidates.

"I can't really speak to why someone would twist it to their own design," Wysaski said. "But once something gets memed, it becomes the internet's. And there are a lot of stupid people on the internet."

Or, possibly, in other words:

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