Everyone Is Having A Meltdown Over This Woman’s Story About A Trip To Florida

What are we even supposed to do with this?

Tuesday night, Twitter user _zolarmoon shared an incredibly intense story on Twitter about a trip she once took to Florida with a woman she met at Hooters.

_zolarmoon deleted her story, though you can still read it here. For all the attention it is getting, though, it is unclear how true the story is. _zolarmoon did not respond to BuzzFeed's request for comment.

The story details a trip that _zolarmoon took to Florida that involves prostitution, kidnapping, and a possible murder. It was told via over a hundred tweets, all of which were deleted.

Since the story first went live, though, almost all of the characters in it have become worldwide trending topics on Twitter.

The reactions have been all over the place. With some applauding the characters in the story.

When Zola said Jarret jumped off the balcony but his pants got stuck

when Jess made no money at the strip club but Zola did

With others being just completely horrified.

when you deep that Zola witnessed a murder and still posted that story without changing her name

Zola when the black man with the dreads snatched Jess:

People started tweeting that it should be made into a movie.

We want an @HBO series from you @_zolarmoon! 🙏🏾💕

Alright so I have an idea.....wanna film this and make it a movie? https://t.co/tantMFBqk7

Empire gonna borrow that Zola story

Their Eye$ Were Trapping, God https://t.co/KlX7HwNhvm

And then people started sharing the dream casts for the #TheStory.

How I saw Z, Zola, Jarrett, and Jessica when reading that story

my ideal Lifetime cast Keke Palmer as Zola Mitchell Musso as Jarrett Seal as Z and Hayden Pannetierre as Jesse

Margot Robbie - Jessica Ving Rames- Z Olivia Pope- Zola Jake Gyllenhall - Jarrett

My ideal #TheStory lifetime cast Zola: Megan Good Z: Idris Elba Jess: Lindsay Lohan Jarrett: Ashton Kutcher

#TheStory (supporting) Cast Dreads: 2 chains Z fiancé: taraji Zola boyfriend: lance Gross Jess Mom: Kathy Bates

The story has also sparked a debate about the outing of the characters in it. _zolarmoon included the photos and names of people in her tweets without their consent.

If you out sex workers, you're a shitty person. Doesn't matter if you are also a sex worker. I think it kinda makes it worst.

Nothing about that 'Zola story' is funny. Nothing. You are literal human waste if you find it comical

It's 5 AM and I'm not sure if I'm actually asleep b/c my whole TL is laughing at this story about violence against women in the sex trades??

Like its a trending topic and people are laughing and I assume that THEY assume it's fake. But still?

it's a wild story, but folks are like "haha sex workers are in danger constantly & have no privacy & can never escape their pasts haha."

And then there are those who just simply don't believe it, pointing out its inconsistencies.

@_zolarmoon I figured that story was fictional but goddamn it was hilarious. You should give writing a chance if you haven't already

Looool. Everyone should have a go of telling a mad story(fake) like zola's and include a few followers. I think that would be sick!!

If that story is fake, Zola is on her way to becoming the next Tyler Perry

ok that zola story is probably fake but honestly thats some interesting reading material right there

But perhaps, in the end, it doesn't matter, because it's not like the internet really cares about whether it's real or not. It is just going to freak out.

that story is AMAZING. but let's all just please enjoy it here in these tweets and dont abuse the ppl actually involved

Zola’s story had: -character development -plot twists -atmosphere/tone -racially diverse cast -passed the bechdel test

Between Zola tweet 103 and 104 my phone died and I actually screamed

the signs as the charachters in zola's story are: aries: z taurus: the backpage ad zola made gemini: jarett cancer: the trap phone

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