The Internet Reacts To The Inauguration

This is supposed to be a respectful and solemn day for the country, so can we please try and take this seriously for just two seconds?!

President Obama gave a great speech.

And Beyoncé and Michelle Obama were fierce as ever.

Ha ha, very funny.

Bill Clinton was having a pretty good morning too.

And Joe was being good ol' Joe.

There was a pretty interesting crowd too, like the man with an impossibly long forehead.

Or this really sad guy in the choir.

Or this joker taking photos with an iPad. Get out of here with that. What do you think this is?

Chuck Schumer was pretty excited to be on there.

And it was a pretty exciting day for television too.

With lots of very respectful and serious inauguration coverage.

Also, George Stephanopoulos thought Bill Russell was Morgan Freeman. Whoops!

The inauguration was a spectacular day for photobombs.

But it could have been a little more festive of a ceremony.

Or maybe had a few more celebrities.

But there's one thing everyone can agree on.

Sasha and Malia...

...stole the show.

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