The Internet Photoshops Mitt Romney Into Batman Villain

Mitt Romney was involved in Bain Capital and Bane is the villain for The Dark Knight Rises. I wonder if anyone's going to make a joke about that.

On Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh came out against The Dark Knight Rises claiming that it was no accident that the film's villain, Bane, had a similar name to Mitt Romney's former asset management and financial services company.

Limbaugh said of the film:

"Do you think it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire-breathing, four-eyed whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane?"

Limbaugh later clarified, stating:

"I said the Democrats were going to use it... Which they are! Jon Stewart is harping on it."

Well, the internet noticed too.

BuzzFeed's Gavon Laessig even did one in a post last year.

And there's even a video mashup.

View this video on YouTube

But to put this whole thing in perspective, last election Obama got the Batman movie villain treatment too.

So maybe the real takeaway from all this is that Batman movies have to stop coming out on election years.

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