The Hofstra Presidential Debate, As Told By GIFs

Obama and Romney's most contentious debate yet, looped in GIF-form forever.

After Joe Biden's performance last week, many wondered how Obama would debate tonight.

He started out pretty energized.

But Romney didn't have a bad opener either.

Candy Crowley and him had a few skirmishes, though.

Things quickly got pretty heated between the candidates, as well.

And the jabs started flying fast and furious.

Obama took time to appeal to younger voters, though.

And Mitt tried to reach out to women voters.

But then he brought up binders full of women.

And then in a pivotal turn in the night's debate, Obama attacked Romney's comments on the recent Libyan terror attacks.

Obama and Candy Crowley had a few exchanges, also.

And lastly, Romney broached the topic of cyber security.

The debate then came to a close with Obama speaking for a total of 44:04...

...And Romney speaking for 40:50.

One of the last shots of the night showed a not particularly happy Josh Romney.

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