The Department Of Transportation Made A Short PSA About Teens Who Text While Driving And It's Brutal

If this won't make you think twice about picking up that phone, who knows what will.

Last week, the Department of Transportation launched its first-ever national campaign against distracted driving.

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Its first advertisement is a 30-second clip of teenagers using their cell phones while driving.

In the clip, the driver gets a text and goes to answer it while blowing through a stop sign.

Only to be hit by an oncoming truck.

The fairly blunt anti-texting-while-driving ads will run nationally during the middle of April.

Television, radio and digital advertisements using the phrase U Drive. U Text. U Pay. will run from April 7-15, which coincides with a nationwide law enforcement crackdown in states with distracted driving bans.

"This campaign puts distracted driving on par with our efforts to fight drunk driving or to encourage seatbelt use," said Secretary Foxx. "Across the country, we're putting distracted drivers on notice: If you're caught texting while driving, the message you receive won't be from your cell phone, but from law enforcement - U Drive. U Text. U Pay."

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration, 10% of all drivers under the age of 20 who were involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash.

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