Someone Wrote "#NoJustice #NoTip" On A Restaurant Receipt In Florida Because That's The Best Way To Protest The Zimmerman Ruling

According to the boyfriend of the waitress, the customer wrote they wouldn't tip in solidarity with Trayvon Martin. The user who posted it has since admitted he faked it just to show how racist people could be.

According to Reddit, this was written on a receipt left at a Florida restaurant on Tuesday.

The message was left at the Palm Bay, Florida, location of Sonny's Bar-B-Q chain restaurant.

Unlike previous instances of waitstaff taking to Reddit to complain about a bad tip, the Reddit user who posted the picture maintains that the waitress's job is safe.

As the picture hit Twitter on Tuesday night, most people thought it was pretty funny.

Hilarious ȁc@Hell0Becky Lmfao no justice no tipȁd

Petty Patty


Hilarious ȁc@Hell0Becky Lmfao no justice no tipȁd

No justice. No tip. Lmfaooooo I'm really laughing.



No justice. No tip. Lmfaooooo I'm really laughing.



No justice , no tip ! Lmao.

trinidad tran



UPDATE: The user who posted it came out admitting it was fake and it posted it to make people angry.

Well, it's over 2000 karma now, so I guess it's time to come clean. Unfortunately, I forgot to add a comment at the start, so now I have nothing to edit. Guess you'll just have to give me more fake internet points to drive up the viability of this post.

It's a fake. Everything about it.

I mean look at it, it's just too perfect:
1. Tipping
2. Racism
3. Zimmerman
4. #hashtagsinreallife (my pet peeve)
all in one simple receipt.

To those who cried "Shenanigans!" good job. Though your crime scene analysis still needs a bit of work. It was a discarded receipt, with the customer specific info blurred out. Though the bottom line wasn't "Customer Copy" as many have suggested, but the store phone number. (Internet + visible phone number = "Do you have Battletoads?")

If you still feel like complaining about tips in America, how about the auto gratuity on parties of 6 or more? We got fine service at my table regardless, but I still want to decide that amount for myself.

And thanks for the PMs warning me about my "girlfriend" losing her job. That was kind of you, but my hand has a long career ahead of her.

The user then posted this photo, calling the users that fell for it racists: