Someone Commented "BFF Goals" On This Photo Of A Lesbian Wedding And Everyone Lost Their Shit

"Are there any pics of how their husbands look like???"

MEFeater Magazine tweeted this photo of Orange Is the New Black star Samira Wiley and her wife, OITNB writer Lauren Morelli, taken over the weekend at their wedding.

Congrats to OITNB's Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli on finally tying the knot ❤️

The tweet went viral and has since been retweeted 17,000 times. It got so much attention that lots of the tweets commenting on it started going viral as well.

An account called VeganMegan commented on the photo, writing, "getting married on the same day as my best friend is absolutely bff goals!"

.@mefeater getting married on the same day as my best friend is absolutely bff goals!😍 Are there any pics of how their husbands look like?👰💐

Several minutes later, someone corrected VeganMegan, explaining that Wiley and Morelli aren't friends who got married at the same time, but wives.

@pickedupfloozy @mefeater nonexistent...they aren't best friends...they're wives. 😂

VeganMegan doubled down, though, tagging their next tweet #BFFGOALS.

@HannahKlaubo @mefeater well if they weren't friends before then they SURELY became friends right after. Just look…

The same user then tried again to explain that Wiley and Morelli are two women who married each other.

@pickedupfloozy @mefeater they're gay...with each other...they married...each other.

And then the whole conversation basically just devolved into nonsense.

.@HannahKlaubo @mefeater nice try, that's not what gays look like, sweety. In fact THAT'S what they look like, see…

The whole back and forth was noticed by another Twitter user who screenshot the whole thing and tweeted it out. It also went viral, getting retweeted over 12,000 times.

Lillian, the 22-year-old behind the @sailorsadist account, told BuzzFeed News that they realized pretty quickly that VeganMegan was a troll.

"I had a feeling it was a troll because they said something similar on another lesbian marriage tweet lol but it was foggy," she said. "Plus look at the Twitter name and bio it's a mess lmfao."

Now lots of people are responding to VeganMegan's tweet, trying to explain that the photo was taken at a same-sex wedding.

The only thing is, the VeganMegan account is definitely not your average Twitter account.

So sick of eating my feelings, I'd rather eat dick.

In fact, it posts a lot of trolly stuff pretty much constantly.

BuzzFeed News was actually able to get hold of the owner of the VeganMegan account.

VeganMegan wouldn't provide their real identity, but described themselves as male and open-minded. "I actually don't judge anybody irl. If I was American I would've voted for Hillary," they said.

"It's my humour. Like people jump to conclusion so fast," VeganMegan said. "And they're so aggressive. My bio kind of gives it away."

@pickedupfloozy @mefeater they're lesbians they don't have husbands

VeganMegan's bio reads, "single mom with no kids."

VeganMegan said they don't consider themselves LGBT, but said they have had crushes on men and women in the past.

VeganMegan said there have been a few times when they've trolled people and felt really bad about it.

.@pickedupfloozy @mefeater omg I know!! just GALS being PALS I bet they even made out because they're just such GOALS

But this isn't the first time VeganMegan has tried this same joke. They made a similar joke in February.

@HSBC_NOW why is she holding her bridesmaid? Where is her husband?

As for why they posted the tweet, VeganMegan said, "It was something an airhead would say. I'm sure people would say something like that."

A fair bit of warning, by the way. VeganMegan also made several references to fellow Twitter troll Uma Kompton. The Uma Kompton account was suspended last year by Twitter, but several copycats have sprung up since.

All things considered, it's probably best to take everything VeganMegan told BuzzFeed News with a big grain of salt.


This article has been updated and now includes a comment from the owner of the @Sailorsadist Twitter account.

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