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Russian Twitter Trolls Are Talking So Much Shit About Donald Trump Becoming President

Apparently, no matter who was running for president, Putin was the real winner.

Posted on November 9, 2016, at 3:55 a.m. ET

After news broke early Wednesday that Donald Trump was going to be the next president of the United States, Russians took to Twitter to gloat pretty hard about it. Vladimir Putin has congratulated Trump on his victory.

Twitter: @ea_potapoff

"Putin finally made Trump a US president."

Twitter: @Pridurky

"Putin congratulates Churov [ex-head of Russian Election Committee] with a successful vote count for Donald Trump."

Most of the jokes were about how, regardless of what voters wanted, Putin was the real mastermind behind Trump's winning presidential bid.

Twitter: @Pravdiva_pravda

"Putin signs a decree making Donald Trump president of the United States."

Twitter: @Echel_Stark

"In a fight between Trump and Clinton, Putin always wins. #RussiaChoosesTrump"

They seem very proud of Putin for throwing this whole election together.

Twitter: @fe_city_boy

"According to the news about Trump, Putin has helped all billionaires in Russia and is now helping American billionaires."

Twitter: @varlamov

"Once again Putin outplayed everyone."

There were also a ton of jokes about the fact the United States actually elected Trump as president.

Twitter: @i_okulyarah

"Pentagon no longer has to fear hacking attacks from Russia. All they need to do is just cut Trump’s skull open every day and wipe the memory drive."

Twitter: @Fake_MIDRF

"In 2008, Americans elected their first black president. In 2016, they elected their first orange one."

Basically, Russia's taking all the credit and thinks this whole thing is hilarious.

Twitter: @korowin69

"Now, I think everybody clearly understands just how influential the Russian segment of Twitter is."