People Are Sharing A Rio Olympics “Terrorism Bingo” Card

The game, which has gone viral in Brazil, asks people to pick the date they think a terror attack might happen during the Olympics next month.

This picture of a "Terrorist Attack Bingo" is currently going viral on Brazilian social media. The idea is you're supposed to guess what day a terrorist attack will happen during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next month.

The original image was actually created by by a blog called Acid Black Nerd and it goes along with an article called "ACIDBLACKNERD Makes Five Predictions About The Olympics In Rio de Janeiro".

The picture picked up even more steam after being featured on Reddit's "I'm Going To Hell For This" subreddit.

English-speaking journalists based in Brazil, like NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro, shared the "Terrorist Attack Bingo" as well.

The reactions from Brazilians have been split. Brazilian social media can have a pretty dark sense of humor sometimes and some people thought it was hilarious.

While other people were pretty uncomfortable about the whole thing.

BuzzFeed Brazil also grabbed screenshots from a private Facebook group that was circulating the image.

Last week, Brazil’s Federal Police arrested 10 men who are accused of planning terror attacks during the Olympics. Authorities stressed, however, the supposed terror plot was “absolutely amateur.”

Possibly, though, the best way to sum up how Brazilians are feeling about the Rio Olympics is with this tweet:

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