People Can't Believe What Happened After This Guy Asked Domino's To Send Their "Baddest Bitch"

This is what it looks like when Domino's really delivers, I guess.

Ford Reynolds is a 20-year-old student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Reynolds tweeted an incredible series of photos over the weekend.

He and his friends decided to order pizza from a Domino's location in Fredonia, New York, and in the delivery instructions wrote, "send ur baddest bitch plzzzzz." And then this happened.

And then this happened.

Obviously, Reynolds' tweet has gone massively viral. It's been retweeted over 120,000 times. Which makes sense. It's the greatest thing ever.

So how did this whole thing happen?

Well, there's a catch. That's Reynolds' friend Jimmy Skrzeczkowski.

"It's totally real. The guy who delivers is one of our friends, and we know most of the people that work at that Domino's," Reynolds said. "We just thought it would be funny if Jimmy posed — which he did so without even being asked."

The response by people on social media has been pretty incredible.

"The reactions have mostly been 'damn, lamb chops on a white boy' and 'what's his @' and all my friends amazed that it blew up," Reynolds said.

There's also more than a few people who want to try the same thing — which might not work as well if you aren't friends with the delivery guy...

So far, Reynolds said he hasn't heard from Domino's corporate office, but either way, he did end up with a really good-ass tweet.

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