People Are Loving These Photos From A Party Where Every Guest Has To Do A 3-Minute PowerPoint Presentation

“Should you go over three minutes, you will be asked to finish your drink, and then resume giving your presentation.”

A software engineer from Seattle named Michal, who goes by @Miexriir on Twitter, posted these hilarious photos over the weekend.

Michal, who wished to be identified only by her first name for privacy reasons, told BuzzFeed News that the PowerPoint presentation party was set up by her friend Clarisse.

Twitter: @Miexriir

Clarisse told BuzzFeed News that the party is called "Drink Talk Learn (DTL)" and it was created by engineering students Megan, Michael, Derek, and Munt from the University of Waterloo in 2012.

An unofficial tradition, "DTL's have lived on throughout the years," she said. "And have even spread outside Waterloo to be hosted in Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, Edmonton, and New York."

Every guest had to give a three-minute presentation about something they're passionate about. Michal picked Shadow the Hedgehog and won.

Twitter: @Miexriir

Just in case you don't know — for some weird reason — Shadow the Hedgehog is an anti-hero from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. He's a black and red hedgehog who first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2. He has rocket shoes and sometimes a gun and occasionally rides a motorcycle. He's pretty rad.

Michal said other fun topics from that night included "Hidden Meanings in Classical Music — Acid Trips, Soviet Defiance, and Jaws," "Transhumanism and the Sublime — A Meditation on Technological Evolutionism," and "Dogs with Jobs — Occupations for the Canine Individual."

She also posted a screenshot of the rules:

Michal's tweet about her presentation went super viral. It's been retweeted over 25,000 times.

And from the looks of the slides she's posted, she definitely deserved to win.

It looks super intense.

"Most of the online response has been excitement about the concept of this kind of party," Michal said.


This post has been updated with more information about the origins of the powerpoint presentation party idea.