Trump Supporters Quietly Built A Massive List With The Personal Information Of Thousands Of People

The list began traveling the dark corners of the internet around April as a scattered collection of names, addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts. It's now a massive organized database of thousands of people.

On Thursday, a 4chan user linked to a massive pastebin document in a thread called "ANTIFA GETS DOXXED."

The pastebin file has been traveling around the internet since at least April. It started as a scattered collection of names, phone numbers, addresses, and social media accounts of about 3,000 people — and now, months later, it's grown into a massive organized database of apparently thousands more.

The sprawling document, which is still up, opens with text reading, "Someone hacked Antifa [sic], and got the entire list of people available for antifa activities."

The list is a hodgepodge of names and personal information collected over months, but the origins of the list date back to a petition set up in April by the organization Refuse Fascism.

The document has grown considerably since April, easily tripling in size, and no longer simply listing the names from Refuse Fascism. The document now breaks down "anti-fascists" by perceived organization.

One section contains Facebook profiles for people associated with By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a pro-immigration coalition.

Another section is titled "AntiFa/ShareBlue" and contains 833 names of people believed to be associated with ShareBlue, a left-wing social publisher.

ShareBlue is owned by the journalist and political activist David Brock and formerly headed by former Clinton staffer Peter Daou.

The original pastebin document based on the Refuse Fascism petition was pretty detailed, but this new one is more extensive.

Whole sections of it are just Facebook links to people's profiles.

There's also a section for people believed to be active anti-fascists.

One section has the names and Facebook profiles of people who are believed to have attended an event in Seattle's Judkin Park on May 1.

One of the more alarming sections of the document contains a collection of people's pictures, addresses, and places of employment. The information appears to have come from a separate list that has now been merged with the mega list.

The section contains links to the photo-sharing site Imgur, with cached versions of people's profile pictures.

The pastebin file being shared this week seems to actually be part of a larger harassment campaign against anti-fascists and anti-Trump protesters.

An audio file was shared on 4chan's /pol/ messageboard on Thursday, as well, with two hours of audio that were purportedly secretly recorded at an anti-fascist meeting.

About an hour later, a European 4chan user described how he "tracks" anti-fascists by "infiltrating" art spaces and skate parks.

An hour after that, the pastebin file was shared. The users believed it was proof of a large-scale Bolshevik conspiracy to infiltrate colleges and the tech industry.

And then, an hour after that, a 4chan user created a post describing how he snuck into an "Antifa House."

Most likely the new wave of harassment this week against anti-fascists is in response to an article published by the New York Times on Tuesday.

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