Three Americans Were Hospitalized In Mexico After They Were Reportedly Possessed By A Ouija Board

Ouija boards have always been, and always will be, bad news.

This video was taken after three American friends were taken to a hospital in Mexico. The trio were reportedly "possessed" by evil spirits after they played with a Ouija board.

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Alexandra Huerta, 22, her brother Sergio, 23, and their cousin Fernando Cuevas, 18, were playing with the board when Alexandra began growling and thrashing around.

The Huerta's parents called a local priest from the village of San Juan Tlacotenco, but he wouldn't perform an exorcism because the three weren't regular churchgoers.

By that point all three were showing signs of possession and paramedics had to be called to restrain them.

The paramedics administered painkillers, anti-stress medication and eye drops which seemed to calm the three of them down.

According to local reporters, doctors wouldn't comment on whether or not the Ouija board actually possessed the three young people.

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