Of Course There Are Already Chris Dorner Death Conspiracies

After the LAPD reported Dorner's death, the internet did what it's best at: Immediately think it was a giant conspiracy.

There were, of course, Twitter users who immediately thought Dorner dying in the standoff with LAPD sounded suspicious.

Which actually led to the #TeamDorner hashtag trending later Tuesday night.

To the theorists, the fact that Dorner is the first high profile shooter to be executed by police before standing trial also seems odd.

Police audio released from Tuesday also has what sounds like police officers yelling "burn him out"...

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"You can hear in the background thes cops yelling "burn him out" "we're going to burn him out" and "burn that motherf******" right before the fire started at the house. Share this with everyone you know and let it be heard that they cops burnt a man alive on purpose."

Which many are using as proof of a premeditated plan to burn Dorner alive.

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That his driver's license surivived the conflagration also raised suspicion.

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"Authorities post a $1 million reward for ex-Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, while LAPD opened fire and shot multiple people under the false impression that they were shooting at Dorner."

Redditors are pointing to the discrepancies between reports of where his wallet was found:

The discrepancies between manifesto page counts are also troubling to the conspiracy cabal. A recent version was missing 8 pages from the original 18 pages.

If you explore the #TeamDorner hashtag on Instagram many are pointing to this very fake screenshot from CNN:

Glenn Beck is now saying that Christopher Dorner’s killing spree was a plan by "radical progressives" to create an "oppressive government."

And lastly, many point to this since deleted tweet from the San Bernardino County's DA Office as evidence of an attempted police-ordered media blackout.

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