No, "Family Guy" Did Not Predict The Boston Marathon Bombing

Do you really think that the government is placing hidden messages in Family Guy episodes?

This is the clip that everyone has been pointing to as proof that Family Guy predicted Monday's bombing.

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The above clip was taken from two different moments in the episode "Turban Cowboy," which aired last month.

If you haven't seen the episode it revolves around Peter becoming a Muslim. And because it's Family Guy there's, of course, a joke about him using his cell phone to blow up something.

The episode features a completely unrelated gag where Peter drives his car through the Boston Marathon, running everyone over.

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The "Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy" edit was posted to Reddit's r/Conspiracy. Users called it idiotic.

The video was picked up, though, by radio host and prominent conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, which quickly gave the idea some credibility.

Twitter users started to point to the edited video as evidence of a "False flag," which was a theory Jones had a hand in spreading yesterday.

The rumor became so far widespread that Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy creator and Boston native, had to actually address the rumor on Twitter today.

So there you go, Family Guy had a Muslim-bomber joke and a Boston Marathon disaster joke in the same episode, but they had nothing to do with each other.

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