How Many Of These "Forbidden Snacks" Would You Eat?

Tide Pods were only the beginning, people.

It's 2018, everything is awful, we're seconds away from nuclear annihilation, and for some reason teenagers are all eating Tide Pods.

Y’all ever just get the urge to eat a tide pod?

But now, maybe even worse than that, people are talking about eating all sorts of weird, aesthetically pleasing shit. So let's settle this once and for all...

Do these Tide Pods look delicious to you for some inexplicable reason?

What about these?

What about Aerogel?

Or this violin rosin?

What about these?

What about these forbidden orbs?

What about a Finish Powerball?

Or these forbidden burritos?

Or this toilet Kool-Aid?

What about these?

Or, uh, these?

Or these?

OK, what about these?

Or this forbidden bread?

And lastly, do you find something about this molten glass delicious-looking?

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