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Mormon Bishop Uses Samurai Sword To Save Woman From Being Attacked

Bishop Kent Hendrix saved his neighbor from her attacker Tuesday night by waving a samurai sword and scaring him off.

Posted on April 24, 2013, at 11:04 a.m. ET

When Mormon bishop and martial arts instructor Kent Hendrix heard a commotion outside, he grabbed his 29-inch steel Samurai sword ran out of his house.

Rick Bowmer / AP

His female neighbor was being attacked by Grant Eggertsen. Hendrix chased Eggertson off, running after him down the street barefoot, sword in hand.

Rick Bowmer / AP

The would-be attacker later turned himself into police and was charged with robbery, attempted burglary, trespassing and violation of a stalking injunction.

Rick Bowmer / AP

Hendrix is also a fourth-degree black belt and owns a variety of swords and weapons for training.

Rick Bowmer / AP

He told reporters that his Salt Lake City neighborhood is usually a pretty quiet place.

Rick Bowmer / AP

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