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These Daughters Surrounded Their Mom With Beer, Cigarettes, And A Disco Ball For Her Funeral

Oh, fair warning, this post contains photos of a dead person wearing sunglasses.

Posted on June 13, 2014, at 7:11 a.m. ET

Before Miriam Burbank's daughters buried her, they decided to have one last party in memory of their mom for friends and family.

The daughters told local reporters that when the funeral parlor asked what they wanted to do for their mother's funeral, they decided to remember her as she lived.

Which in Burbank's case meant sunglasses, menthol cigarettes, a case of Busch, a bottle of single malt whiskey, and two disco balls.

Burbank, a New Orleans native, is far from the first person in the area to have an eccentric funeral. Earlier this year a popular socialite in the area was propped up on an iron bench holding a glass of champagne at her funeral.

Burbank's daughters said that, while it may have looked strange, grieving friends and family seemed to enjoy the send-off.

The grieving process is a strange and personal journey.

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