A 20-Year-Old Is Helping John McAfee's 2020 Campaign Team By Teaching Him How To Shitpost About Anime

"It's a changing world. Anything goes. This absurd future may not be the one you want, but nothing is out of the question anymore," said Zoe Nawar.

Nawar, who is taking some time off from college, told BuzzFeed News that she got the job a few days ago.

"I joked in his reply and asked to be part of his campaign," she said. "By 9 p.m. that night I was on the phone with McAfee himself. The next day I spoke to his campaign manager."

Nawar said that advising McAfee on how to pick out an anime Twitter avatar was one of her first projects.

"I gave him options," she said. "He chose Spike because he's a cowboy."

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