Meet Zhang Jiale, China's 22-Year-Old Tomboy Heiress

Photos of her glamorous lifestyle recently went viral on China's version of Twitter.

Zhang Jiale has been posting photos of her extravagant lifestyle on

Weibo is basically China's answer to Twitter.

Users have been passing around her photos, seemingly both angry and fascinated by Jiale's affluent lifestyle.

Zhang Jiale is the daughter of wealthy insurance and electronics businessman Zhang Jun.

The heiress takes photos aboard private jets and at swanky parties, looking a lot like China's version of Rich Kids Of Instagram.

Weibo has taken to calling her "real rich second generation," a member of China's burgeoning upper class and an example of the nation's new-wealth aristocracy.

It is rumored that Jiale is currently dating a 19-year-old model named Vanessa Yang.

She has earned the nickname "Wu Zetian," referring to an empress from the Tang dynasty.

Alongside the photos, Jiale posts aphorisms like: "Money can buy a house but not a family. It can buy you a watch but not time. It can buy you a bed but not sleep, a book but not knowledge, can buy you medical care but not health."