A German Law Firm Cut A Bunch Of Stuff In Half And Sold It On eBay As Part Of A Viral Marketing Stunt

UPDATE: It was all part of an ad campaign for divorce lawyers, get it?

A guy in Germany going by the username Der Juli released a video this week titled "für laura".

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In the video, he explains that he recently broke up with a woman named Laura after a 12-year relationship.

Thanks Laura for the "wonderful" 12 years!!!!!!!!

And he apparently decided that Laura deserved half of the stuff they bought together over the years.

You really deserve the half ;-]

Like, literally half.

So in the video, he cuts a car in half.

But he didn't stop there, Der Juli divvied up all of their stuff and put it on eBay.

He's selling half of a laptop.

Half a bike.

Half of two different phones.

Half of a pretty decent-looking TV.

Which you could watch on half of this couch.

Half a bed.

Half a motorcycle helmet.

Even half a teddy bear.😕

And his final message to Laura?

Best regards to my 'successor'!!!!!!

So if you're looking for a bunch of halves of various things, they're currently being auctioned off for only a few euros.


It turns out all the cutting of things in half was actually part of a viral marketing stunt done to promote the German Lawyer's Information. It is unclear though, whether you can actually buy half a car on eBay.