People Are Absolutely Horrified By How Awkward This Local News Segment Is

I think I'm having a panic attack.

This clip from San Diego's local station KUSI made it to the top of Reddit this week and oh my GOD. It's...just...I don't know, you just really need to watch this. / Via KUSI

The segment features KUSI's meteorologist and feature reporter Dave Scott and it comes from a broadcast last month about a local fun fair.

There’s a lot going on in this clip, so let’s just take this bit by bit, shall we?

First, Scott asks the anchors back in the studio if they think inflation is a good thing or a bad thing.

The anchors have no idea what Scott is talking about, but Scott keeps up the bit for an unspeakably agonizing 50 WHOLE SECONDS.

He finishes his weird inflation question by announcing that it is, in fact, a great thing when it comes to the local Inflatable Run Festival and then makes a line of extremely confused volunteers clap.

Then Scott asks this poor woman, "What kind of fun do you think you're going to have today?"

The woman, I assume suppressing the out-of-body experience she's suffering from, responds, "Lots of fun."

Then Scott just moves down the line. He doesn't ask a second question. He just sticks the microphone in front of another volunteer who just stammers out the words "helping...just..."

And then he asks this third volunteer the same totally unanswerable question of "what kind of fun" will she be having at the Inflatable Run Festival and she literally just doesn't answer it. Which, fair, because that's an insane question!

Guys, we are literally only a minute and a half into this segment...

From here we launch into probably the most bizarre moment of the segment, where Scott forces the already bewildered volunteers to chant, "Abracadabra! 1, 2, 3! Now it's time to see what we see!"

Which was apparently meant to summon this thing. His name is Mr. Wacky.

Scott then interviews Mr. Wacky, and honestly Mr. Wacky does a great goddamn job with it, all things considered.

Mr. Wacky is clear and concise and the single ray of sanity in this video — that is, until Scott asks him if everyone can become inflatables, which is, of course, gibberish.

The segment ends with Mr. Wacky trying to save the interview by having everyone just do the wave or something.

The video spread all over Reddit Monday night and the comments are pretty incredible. One user breaks down the video pretty perfectly.

Many other users were stumped by Scott's incredibly unorthodox interview style.

But everyone was in agreement that Mr. Wacky saved the day.

The comments over on Reddit's San Diego subreddit were even better, where most users were all-too-familiar with the KUSI station. One pro tip: Don't watch this stoned.

Apparently, this is not a particularly new thing for KUSI, either.

Like this KUSI in its element.

Of course, that doesn't mean that whole thing isn't incredible.

The Reddit link got picked up by English TV presenter Jamie East.

Which then horrified even more people on Twitter.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to KUSI for some, uh, context, but in the meantime:

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