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This Tampon Company "Leaked" A Fake Sex Tape To Raise Awareness About Revenge Porn

Now, people are calling the whole stunt sexist.

Posted on March 24, 2015, at 10:18 a.m. ET

Earlier this month, this clip of what appeared to be a sex tape featuring Brazilian television personality Sabrina Sato appeared on social media.

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The 18-second video shows Sato getting out of bed...

...And walking to the door before the video cuts to black.

The original video was pulled down after a few hours, but users were already putting bootlegs of it back up on YouTube.

The next day, however, the full video was uploaded to Always Brazil's YouTube channel. And it turned out to be part of a larger tampon commercial.

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In the ad, Sato explains that the whole thing was actually a stunt to raise awareness about the dangers of revenge porn. Sato talks about Always' quest to stop "leaks."

Then the ad features two real victims of revenge porn.

They share their stories about dealing with intimate photos being leaked without their consent.

The reactions to Always' controversial stunt have been mixed.

Many Twitter users are applauding the message, but feel conflicted about filming fake revenge porn to raise awareness about real revenge porn.

Vídeo não é que nem menstruação que vaza sozinho, @Always!! Um cara não entra no meu útero e tira sangue! Um babaca da share no vídeo!!!

"an intimate footage is not like period, that leaks on its own, @Always! a guy doesn't get into my uterus to take the blood out of it! assholes share the video!!!"

cultura do estupro se promovendo numa campanha supostamente contra a cultura do estupro. estamos de olho #JuntasContraVazamentos

"rape culture being promoted on a campaign allegedly against rape culture. we are keeping an eye on it."

Also, the pun...

👏👏👏👏 campanha emocionante, apesar do trocadilho kakaka #JuntasContraVazamentos

"touching campaign, although the pun of words lol"

#JuntasContraVazamentos é só não ser ameba de se pelar diante uma câmera...aprendam u.u

"it's just not being dumb to strip in front of a camera... learn u.u"

Mais vamos lembrar que não tem necessidade nenhuma de garotas passarem por isso,pra que tirar foto da sua intimidade #JuntasContraVazamentos

"Let's just recall that there is no need to go through something like this. Why to take pictures of your intimacy?"

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