Japanese Social Media Users Are Protesting ISIS With "Crappy" Photoshops And Memes

This is, apparently, what meme warfare looks like. Warning: This post contains graphic images.

A video released Tuesday purports to show a member of the militant extremist group ISIS threatening to kill two Japanese hostages. The group requested a $200 million ransom.


ISISに捉えられたヌマクロー #ISISクソコラグランプリ

Japanese social media users are currently mocking and protesting ISIS with a hashtag called #isisクソコラグランプリ or the "ISIS Crappy Collage Grand Prix."


As of Friday, the hashtag is full of "crappy" Photoshops and memes about ISIS, with a decent mix of English anime fans also participating.

Hope I'm not too late the memefest everynyan #ISISクソコラグランプリ

Who made this? ∩__∩⊙﹏⊙ Jihadi john = Dr. EVIL #ISISクソコラグランプリ

Peter Payne, the owner of J-List.com, an online store that sells Japanese goods, explained the hashtag's overall meaning to Business Insider.

"@SubaruKanoe: Ice Bucket Challenge #ISISクソコラグランプリ "

ISIS threatens to execute two Japanese hostages, becomes Photoshop meme: #ISISクソコラグランプリ

"You can kill some of us," Payne said. "But Japan is a peaceful and happy land with fast Internet. So go to hell."

【速報】スマブラでミュウツーに引き続き、ISISの参戦が決定!!!! #ISISクソコラグランプリ

ISISピクミン #ISISクソコラグランプリ

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said earlier this week the pair’s lives were his “top priority,” and that he would not give into terrorism.

作ったは良いけど使い道のないコラ #クソコラ #ISISクソコラグランプリ

New!!【画像大量】TwitterでISISクソコラグランプリが大流行 - ついんてーる速報 http://t.co/gT7eB2Dbh0

ISIS gave the Japanese government 72 hours to pay the ransom. The deadline is Friday.

#ISISクソコラグランプリ TENGAの宣伝部についたISIS

Junko Ishido, the mother of Kenji Goto, a Japanese journalist currently being held by ISIS, pled for their release at a press conference on Thursday.

Japan responds to #ISIS with hilarious photoshop contest. Follow #ISISクソコラグランプリ and entertain yourselves :P

実は観戦してた #ISISクソコラグランプリ

Know Your Meme, an online meme database, made the point that Japan doesn't have a considerable Muslim immigrant population, and thus young Japanese people might not have a great understanding of the issues currently happening in the Middle East.

A MESSAGE TO THE ISIS      We Are Famill♥ #ISISクソコラグランプリ #ズワイガニ

what are you going to do? #ズワイガニ #濁点のつかないロボをあげていくタグ #大寒 #エリザベート #クリタワ #フェスS #斉藤仁 #ロド

Regardless of why or how, though, the "ISIS Crappy Collage Grand Prix" doesn't appear to be slowing down.

【拡散希望】 只今、ISISクソコラグランプリが話題ですが、ここでLINE民の限界をご覧下さい。 #ISISクソコラグランプリ


According to the social analytics site Topsy, the hashtag has been used more than 77,000 times since Monday.

ペヤング食べようとしたらISIS入ってた #ISISクソコラグランプリ

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