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Instagram Has Unbanned The @thatlookslikeadick Account

A couple days ago Instagram banned the immensely popular @thatlookslikeadick account for violating the terms of use, luckily for the account's 34,000 followers, it's been brought back. Obviously, this post is NSFWish.

Posted on April 30, 2013, at 3:48 p.m. ET

Earlier this week, Instagram cracked down on the very popular @thatlookslikeadick Instagram account.

Instagram states in its terms of use that it does not allow "nude, partially nude... pornographic or sexually suggestive photos."

Many users thought it was too harsh to ban the account.

While many of the images were sexually suggestive, it'd be hard to call any of them pornographic.

The account gained notoriety for collecting any images that looked like a penis, like this man's mustache...

...Or this opossum's mouth.

A spokesperson for Instagram spoke to The Verge about the temporary ban.

Instagram's team members went through the images, and determined they did not violate the terms of service.

So for now, penis joke connoisseurs will still be able to double-tap "like" on their favorite photos of found penis art.


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