I Tried To Explain To My Mom Why A Brony Collected His Own Body Fluids In A Jar

There's some stuff on the internet your parents just aren't supposed to know about.

I do a podcast for BuzzFeed with my co-worker Katie Notopoulous called Internet Explorer. Every week, we try to teach people about weird parts of the internet.

And it's safe to say that one of the weirdest things that's ever happened on the internet was something called The Pony Cum Jar Project, which went viral last December.

If you missed this when it first happened, consider yourself lucky. The tl;dr is, essentially, a guy claimed he started jarring his own cum (FOR SOME REASON), stored it by his radiator, and accidentally boiled his own jizz.

And, even worse, last week, pony cum jar guy announced that he was supposedly back and starting the project over again.

So I tried to explain all of this to my mom. Here's how it went while I attempted to explain to her that an adult fan of the show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic jarred and subsequently boiled his own semen.

She had a tough time understanding the basic concept of what a brony is...

...And the fact this particular brony was jarring his own cum. It went something like this:

"And what did think it would look like?"

"He has a whole crowd watching this?"

*Shakes head*

*Polite but nervous laughter*

"The guy's got too much time on his hands... literally."

"I'm just not sure why people would find that interesting."

"I'm from the generation where I just couldn't find that interesting."

"No one should be collecting their own sperm unless they're giving it to the sperm bank."

Eventually she tells me that even though my job is to look at weird stuff on the internet, maybe it's time to stop.

OK, bye mom. Talk to you next week! Love you! Sorry!

You can listen to the whole interview with my mom here...


Moral of the story: There's just some stuff on the internet that parents don't need to know about.