I Made My Dad Explain Why He Likes Donald Trump

Alright, Dad, convince me.

For the last six months, my dad has been talking nonstop about how excited he is about Donald Trump. This week, I decided to sit down with him and figure out what exactly is so compelling about him.

What follows is a slightly abridged and edited conversation my dad and I had. Imagine Frost/Nixon combined with that annual fight about politics every family gets into on Thanksgiving!

1. When did you first start getting excited about Trump?

2. What do you think about the state of the Republican Party?

3. What do you think about Donald Trump's platform?

4. What about the wall Donald Trump wants to build?

5. What about health care?

6. Do you think Trump can do anything about police violence?

7. What do you think about the media coverage of Trump?

8. Who would you be voting for if Trump weren't running?

9. What about the other candidates?

One cool takeaway, though: You can’t argue this election hasn’t inspired some really interesting conversations.

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